Asher Metal Industries has been in business for 60 years.

We manufacture components for various industries including telecom, medical industry,and many different hi-tech companies.

We have extensive experience in the manufacturing of components for the Medical, Electronic and Electro-optic, Aerospace and Aviation industries .

We specialize in precision C.N.C Machining via sliding head machines which are also known as Swiss type for the manufacture of components from as little as 0.2mm and up to 45 mm in diameter.

Our manufacturing abilities range from very small series (hundreds) up to the manufacturing
of very large series (millions). ASHER offer a high level of flexibility and quick manufacturing response to meet it’s clients’ needs.

We are ISO 9001:2008 approved since 1995 and hold ourselves to the highest level of Scrutiny with regard to quality control and component inspection.

In addition, seven years ago we began using our vast technical knowledge to train and supervise subcontractors in the Far East.

Today we can offer the highest level of manufacturing services in different fields of mechanical production (Die casting, extrusions, stamping, milling, sheet metal fabrication, Hydraulic Gas Springs and more).

Those services are available to our clients who are in need of cost reduction in high volume manufacturing while the quality inspection and technical gaudiness is still committed by Israeli workers and western knowhow. We are always happy to come and visit you at your office or invite you to our factory for more information.